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Featured Activities are snapshots of current and ongoing actions, programs, and initiatives to address children’s environmental health, both of the Task Force and from across federal departments and agencies. Featured Activities also may include those that are led by non-government organizations but that are federally co-sponsored or supported, or that have significant engagement of federal agencies. Coverage of Featured Activities does not imply any priority status on the part of the Task Force or the federal government.

October 2016

Climate Change and Children’s Health Policy Roundup

Kids huddle together

Children’s health and well being are vulnerable to impacts of climate change related to extreme heat, increased air pollution, changes in food and water, changes in vectorborne diseases, and extreme weather such as flooding and wildfires. The Climate Change and Children’s Health Policy Roundup gathers stories of policy actions being taken by government and non-government groups to address such impacts, with the goals of creating a community of practice around children’s health and climate change and providing a resource of ideas, approaches, and lessons learned.

Around the country, recognition of the unique vulnerability of children is spurring policy actions and programs to protect children’s health against the impacts of climate change. These activities are happening at the federal, state, local, and tribal levels through both government and non-government efforts. The President’s Task Force on Environmental Health Risks and Safety Risks to Children gathers stories to highlight these policies and activities and to help build a community of practice around children’s health and climate change. The stories have been included in presentations at national public health meetings and shared through the Task Force mailing list. (Statements in the stories do not represent official views of the Task Force or any of its members).

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